The offline version of Stig's Sky Calendar is now ready for download. If you are on a slow connection starting the online version can take some time, the offline version solves this by allowing you to download and install the application on your own computer. Once installed only the event data is downloaded over the internet when needed. The offline version also offers some other enhancments in speed and functionality, you can also create and share your own events.
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PENTIUM 4 WORKAROUND: Due to the number of requests for a version supporting Pentium 4 I have found a workaround that can be used until I have time to implement some much needed code changes on the Sky Calendar. Download and install one of the current versions, locate the skycalendar application directory (by default C:\Program Files\skycalendar). In the bin folder there is a file called symcjit.dll, this is the file with the Pentium 4 bug, delete this file. You should now be able to run the calendar.

Download Stig's Sky Calendar (version 1.11) now:
Windows 95/98/NT (Not Pentium 4)Download3.2 MbSelf-installing executable.
Windows 95/98/NT (Not Pentium 4)Download6.2 MbSame as above but with international support. You can now get correct week numbering, day and month names for your locale.
All other platforms 427 KbSince the last version was released new Java Runtimes have made it neccesary to update the the Sky Calendar. I will try to do this as soon as possible.

Stig's Sky Calendar now supports the following languages:

If your language is not yet supported you may want to consider helping me with the translation. If you are interested, please contact me at for the details.

If you have any opinions or comments I would love to hear from you. Just send an e-mail to